J. M. Harrison


"From the moment I opened it, I could not stop reading it. It is genuine and fresh. It is clear the author has realized his true nature and definitely recommend it."
-Burt Harding, Advaita Satsang and Supersentience Teacher
- Founder of ‘The Awareness Foundation’ Vancouver, Canada.

Highly recommended by Allbooks Review, March 21, 2008
" Once you have read this book, you will actually begin to feel the universal connection, the One-ness that joins us one to another, whether human, animal, plant or mineral. We can no longer argue, We are all ONE. Well written, and highly recommended"
-Shirley Roe, Allbooks
Review on Amazon.com and www.allbookreviews.com

Become More Conscious, Amazon.com March 23, 2008
"The writing is excellent and vibrates with the "energy of oneness." He speaks from the place of a higher vibration in which is heard qualities or tones of the occult or esoteric truths.
I like how the sections within each chapter are stated as questions: How do we learn to discern? If we can ‘see’ God, then what does he look like? We may choose to evolve, but what if others may not? There are many such questions. By putting these headings in question form, the reader is immediately involved with an inquiry to handle. The question form is an excellent way to assemble a chapter. Beyond that, self-inquiry is a way to understand your true self. Harrison says, "Don’t seek to understand what you cannot understand. Seek your ‘self’; for in finding your true self, you will find the answer to any question, the key to any mystery, the reason for being. So seek the mind of God, for that is where all reside." Do you feel connected to a vibration of energy? Would you claim that the energy is intelligence? Would you say the intelligence is intention and that the intention is to evolve humanity? If those questions bear on your spiritual knowing and experience, then you will resonate strongly with this book. Buy it."
-Jerry Katz - Author of ‘One: Essential Writings on Nonduality’,
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"This little book deserves the attention (and the chance for changing outlooks) of everyone who seeks something better than the way the world is functioning at present. Harrison gently supports the reader to expand consciousness and become at one with the flow of the spiritual universe. WE ARE ALL ONE could just be the nidus for change - not only ourselves but also the body of souls that surround us. This is an eloquent, tender, meaningful, beautifully written book."
-Grady Harp January 08 – Amazon.com Top Ten Reviewer

"A sacred book of spirituality combined with a transformative power that transcends ordinary consciousness. Oneness in words."
-A. Lawren O’Lee Publications

"If you are interested in the transformational possibilities of society and the world through awakening to oneness, you will find this book will speak to you meaningfully."
-www.nonduality.com – Nonduality Highlights Feature
- Friday, March 21, 2008.

Spiritual truths made easy to understand, March 8, 2008
"This book is an excellent source of basic spiritual truths … excellent for all traveling on a spiritual path to enlightenment on our true nature."
-Steve Burns (Nashville, TN) Amazon.com Top Reviewer.

Just might change your life......., February 28, 2008
"As with any words that come from awakened consciousness this little book is a stunning read. For my part, I wanted to understand myself better and awaken to my purpose in life, and found that reading it provided me with a deeper understanding of my ‘true self’ and all that IS. A truly wise book, "We Are All One" helps in creating a unified understanding of all paths and religions. I love the way the book is spaced out to allow maximum reflection from what you’re reading.
There is a ‘new’ energy here, a definite step up in consciousness occurring when you get what is being explained. Although I can’t explain it myself, reading this book has changed my life for the better."
-Martha J (USA) Amazon.com reviewer

WE ARE ALL ONE, 21 Mar 2008
"Jonathan Harrison is an ordinary man with an important revelation and a major awakening in this book namely that spiritual energy and health are inseparable. It’s a book that offers meaning on many levels, each one intense, useful and personal to the reader. This man speaks from his heart with much generosity and great vision which he shares with the reader."
-Clare Doolin ‘Veronica’ Amazon.co.uk reader

"I just finished ‘We Are All One’ and I have to say it was the best source I have encountered in figuring out my existence."
-Jessica Hauzer (USA)

"This book is original, pure and a blessing to all spiritual truth seekers."
-EUROTAS: The European Transpersonal Association Newsletter
- Review by Zak Pieterson.

"It’s to your credit and for those linked closely with you that such insights have been given to you. Each one of us can aspire to reaching this particular level."
-Laurence Stroud, Lifelong Spiritual Medium and Healer - UK.

"Here, indeed, in We are All One, is a cornucopia of food for thought and, ultimately, implementation in our own lives."
-Michael Woodhead - TCM Reviews USA

"We Are All One is a philosophy that transcends religious doctrine and can be applied to any state of being. Harrison’s vision of the One could be the same in another’s mind as the image of God. Either way, paving the way for a unified humanity with the ability to overcome adversity in any form is a noble endeavor. Read We Are All One, become inspired."
-Sabrina Williams - Front Street Reviews USA

"I just reviewed We Are All One by J. M. Harrison for Front Street Reviews and I’d love for you to pop over and take a look at it. If you’ve been following the Oprah /Eckhart Tolle craze, then you’ll find lots of interesting theory in this book."
-Breeni Books

"Thought provoking debut from the English Tolle."
-E.Hyppia – Esoteric Philosopher

"The ideas and energy in WE ARE ALL ONE remind me of the message of Sri Nisargadatta. Thank you and keep up the good work."
-RL (Germany)

"Let me say what a great pleasure it was to read this and how much I feel I got from it. There were some parts that very clearly reminded me of one of my favorite poets, William Blake."
-Ernesto Mestre, author and creative writing teacher, USA.

"An ordinary man tells an extraordinary story. This book, written in just six days following a near death experience, shares the insights of the author’s meeting with universal consciousness. Using simple language and everyday examples, he reveals how the present global spiritual awakening is revolutionizing our understanding of the links between mind, matter and spirit, reflecting upon the profound effects it has on our personal lives and the collective future reality of our species.

"When you venture beyond identity, you realize that what you are is awakened consciousness. No longer a separate piece of the puzzle of life, but interconnected existence itself." writes the author. His message is that through consciously aligning with the spiritual truism "We are all one" we can learn to access our true selves with increasing frequency, gradually overcoming our addiction to the "I", eventually entering a new realm where oneness is a living reality.

J.M.Harrison is a spiritual guide, intuitive healer, and mystic. We Are All One, his first publication, offers followers of the path of self-realization a doorway to the deepening of awareness through sharing his experiences of awakening. This book is original, pure and a blessing to all spiritual truth seekers. "
-EUROTAS - The European Transpersonal Association
Newsletter Review by Zak Pieterson Nov 2007.

"I fully share your views and believe it will be through efforts like yours that focus on changing people’s consciousness that a new world can, and will be born."
-Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, Director - Global Oneness Project, USA.

We Are All One