J. M. Harrison



What, in your opinion, should be the beneficial effect that everyone should get from your book?
Harrison: A little more. A little more hope, a little more inspiration and a realization of the perennial truth that deep inside of us all lies the often dormant spiritual capacity to reveal something better to the world, the awakening of which naturally enhances the quality of all life.

You write about "transformation", what is your personal experience of this?
Harrison: Over the last six or seven years I have experienced several deeply mystical episodes. Receiving a near death experience was one of those. Events of this magnitude cannot help but to change your consciousness, and therefore your perception of reality. What spiritual awakening is all about is learning to reveal what is hidden deep inside, and transformational events reveal the opportunity to see something better in ourselves, providing the motivation for change within our being.

You also ‘received’ as you put it, a near death experience, what did you learn from that pivotal moment?
Harrison: That death is but one chapter in the book of life and not the final word. For me, this experience removed the fear of death and I was able to acknowledge on all levels of my being that the true essence of life as being consciousness or spirit was no longer a repeated concept but a firm reality.

What other teachers or books have had the greatest effect on you?
Harrison: The New Testament of the Bible, in particular I found the Gospel of John to be the most enlightening. Similarly, the works of Eckhart Tolle contain a purity and presence that is highly beneficial to all genuine seekers. The example of the life of Ramana Maharshi and the notebooks of Paul Brunton are also invaluable guides.

How would you describe your personal experience of Oneness?
Harrison: My experience of Oneness is one of wholeness. We are all looking for something, and like many in the world today I was looking to find the truth of what I was. When I found myself, I discovered that this completeness was something that is contained not just within me, but within all existence. This state of being is one that acknowledges and accepts all aspects of life in a loving way. In a nutshell, it is simply the purest, fullest, most natural form of consciousness that we can experience because it is the foundational truth of our being.

Can you explain the book’s publicity motto ARE YOU READY?
Harrison: Yes. The world is full of so called spiritual people, but to date a lot of what has been implemented in the western world has been on an external basis of the image people want to be seen as and not what they really are in thought, word and deed. My belief is that there is an urgent need, and I mean NOW to consciously evolve our race. The motto asks the reader to contemplate what would they be truly ready to undergo in the years ahead in order to help humanity as a whole.

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